About the Programme

Modern business conduct of economic and business entities, departments of administration on all levels, departments of authority, and people's association, is unthinkable without the use of computers and computer programs. Due to increasing complexity of hardware and programs, the number of work operations which are done with the help of computers is also increasing. In relation to this, dependence on the proper functioning of computer equipment, in order to carry out a work process, is growing.

In this context, it is necessary to ensure quality support for computer systems in phases of constructing, using and extending, primarily in the areas of design and creation of computer and information systems, program support, databases, and networking. Basic assumption of successful use of computer equipment is having quality services and staff, which will be able to find economical, efficient and optimal solutions for occurring problems and new requirements, in all areas and all phases of use.

The role of the professional bachelor engineer of information technology is consistent with the tendencies in society that every day technical tasks, which are also significant and complex, are done with the help of highly qualified experts, who have concrete knowledge about technologies which they enforce in practice. Professional study of information technologies provides students with the necessary practical professional knowledge. It should enable them to adapt to a work environment in minimal time and with the greatest possible efficiency.